From the Founder's Desk

It is blissful to do social work and is very kind and generous to render our strength to the society build. It is an honour to take part in the societal awakening and it is a duty to serve the human kind.

Since the advent of the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, the first ever peace agreement in the recorded history to the present globalized and multi-polarized world things have been changing but one thing remained in common and that is ‘life’. It remained because of the concepts of Faith, Hope and Love, which are supplements for life and the greatest among them is love.

Founder & President

Peace can be achieved through various just means and we believe peace and development through social work and a all these things in mind, we, a group of youngsters with a brand title of YES WE CAN have initiated our mission to create an impact on the society has commenced with Nepal Earthquake disaster relief project and to the recent coordination with International Navy Fleet Review.

We, the youth brigade do not lay huge principles and objectives. Our goals and ideas are simple and are of clear understanding. We aim at social work activism through volunteering, organizing and creation of various projects mainly to ‘expose, empower, and enlighten’ the youth. The uniqueness of our organization is that we employ the youth from various sectors of society and provide them opportunities for their holistic development.

We do not agitate but proclaim the importance of social work not through charity or donation but extending services to various government and private organizations in organizing several youth enhancement activities.

As Abraham Lincoln stated, “the best way to predict the future is to create it”, we as a community of youth are trying to create a forum for the youngsters (the future pillars of the country) by making them understand the vitality of various aspects of life and thereby involving them in several projects which are of a good cause to society.

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our community or in a bigger way our family, to the world. Kindly take time in going through our projects, mission, and future projects and do support us. We are open to a sound collaboration to fulfil our mission of social service through volunteering for various programmes, organizing conferences and summits and creation of opportunities.