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What is ‘Yes We Can’?

Yes We Can is a student run organization for youth participation, educational and cultural sustainable development to promote societal building.

What do we do?

Social events, Seminars and Conferences, Public awareness campaigns, Teaching programs and volunteer-aids to Government and other agencies in the time of need

Who started and When?

Mr. Stephen Anurag Prathipati, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, History and Economics, Visakhapatnam engineered the organization and is the founding pilot. 3rd of May 2015 is the day of commencement of the NGO. Mr. Teja, a youngster, who founded a start-up(MAFL) and other students in the city have extended a hand in building the organization to the extent we now see.

Our Mission

EMPOWER and ENLIGHTEN through giving EXPOSURE and laying platform for OPPURTUNITES to the Youth in social development and innovation.

Fundamental Principle

Spread Love, Faith and Hope to achieve Peace in the society by enhancing social innovation to promote Sustainable Development.