Up Coming Projects


To initiate a project ‘REACH TO TEACH’, where my Organization would be facilitating Education through subjects like ‘English, Communication Skills, Business Management, Moral Science, Agricultural techniques to the rural youth and the urban youth mainly from the deprived classes. This would help create a balance between the ‘education’ of the youth from higher class of society and the backward classes. GCED model shall be a great help for me in making this project a great success.


The Project to Establish ‘UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Laboratory’ at schools and colleges in my region to help students involve in the Global Agenda 2030 which makes the student community educated on the various Goals set for our future good.


‘Traffic Education’ project, a mission to promote UN Global Road Safety Decade 2011-2020, where my Organization volunteers would participate in educating the people of the city of Visakhapatnam on ‘the importance of life’ and ‘how can one be a true citizen by following the traffic rules and respecting the lives of others’. This is a form of promoting human rights and value education.

What is so special about our organization (or) what makes us different from other NGOs?

We are the first of the kind in providing social work employment to the youth starting from 10th standard to PG students. We invoke in discipline of work and advocate learning and enhancing exposure. Our organization also lays platforms to various students and the youth in the city by taking them for various social projects and also by involving people outside Vizag help online by finding resources and promoting our mission and work nature.